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How to assemble a Fly complete bike

1 month ago Videos bikes
How to assemble a FLY BMX BIKE   Quick video about how easy and fast it is to assemble your FLY BMX bike, step by step, with the new plastic-free BIKE BOX. Designed and made in Europe by Flybikes.   Finally, the most sustainable and comfy BMX bike packaging is here! • 100% plastic...

Fly NOVA 18" Bike unboxing by Javitxu

1 month ago Videos
FLY NOVA 18" BMX Bike unboxing by Javitxu.   In this unboxing video, you can see the young rider Javitxu, 11 years old, assembling a Fly NOVA 18" BMX bike with the new free plastic Bike Box, specially designed by Flybikes to have your bike ready to shred in minutes in the most sustainable...

Devon Smillie Bike Check video

1 month ago Videos Devon Smillie
Devon Smillie Setup   Devon Smillie with a few words about his latest FLY FUEGO setup featuring all his FLY signature parts and some hot prototypes too. _ Here's the full rundown: Frame: Fly Fuego 21” Top Tube / Rear End - 12.8" (Devon Smillie...

Fly SION bike video

1 month ago Videos
Fly Sion BMX Bike   You are just in front of the perfect BMX for park-riding maniacs. Thanks to the input of Larry Edgar, Josh Dove and Sergio Layos, we designed a perfect ramp-blasting machine. You will be surprised by the speed and riding feeling that this bike allows, including some of the...

Fly Sierra 18 Frame - Javitxu de la Torre promo

2 months ago Videos
The best BMX 18’’ Frame is out now for 7 to 11 riders   If you are a young bike enthusiast looking for the perfect 18’’ BMX frame, it is time for us to tell you a story.   When the Spanish rider Sergio Layos (Madrid, 1985) started riding his signature Sierra frame,...


2 months ago Videos
BATTLE OF THE BRANDS III   We had the Honor to be part of the Source BMX ⚔️ Battle of the Brands III video comp and we’re lucky enough to count with Courage Adams, Josh Dove, Alessio Tonoli and Sergio Layos for our team and Rich Forne as a filmer!  ‘Check the...