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1 week ago
We are very excited to welcome Javitxu de la Torre to the Flybikes family! Over the years, we’ve watched as younger and younger riders have progressed faster and faster, and it’s been incredible. But, when Sergio Layos puts your name out to be on the team, you know you’re on another level!...

Sergio & Teresa - Vans "MASH" Transition

3 weeks ago
Here's an awesome new video from Vans that has a ton of amazing Sergio Layos and Teresa Fernandez footage packed into it! Trails and transitions. Amazing watch from start to finish! Enjoy!"We've got a really sick two part mixtape series for you courtesy of the VANS squad! Since all their team...

Devon Smillie Is The King of the Jib

1 month ago
Over the weekend Devon Smillie was part of the "King of the Jib" contest out in California where he went up against a few of the best on a bank / curb cut spot with a rail and jersey barrier. The judges handed out cash for the best combos and lines. Above is the full live stream giving you a look...

Power Hour: Larry Edgar

2 months ago
When Larry Edgar turns up for a session, you know you're going to see some awesome riding! During a session at a crazy private ramp setup, Larry took on the Power Hour challenge to see what he could come up with clips. Although the ceilings didn't allow him to blast like we usually see him doing,...


2020 was a year that nobody expected to turn out the way it did. The pandemic changed up everyone’s world, some more than others. Instead of traveling the world, riding in contests and filming at crazy spots in cities all over like normal, Devon Smillie stayed home in California. Despite all the...

Devon Smillie VS Bike Dice

2 months ago Devon Smillie De
USL BMX caught up with Devon Smillie for a game of Bike Dice! Here's a look at what Devon came up with when he rolled the dice and ended up with 3 different tricks. You already know he came up with some amazing lines and combos and made it look so easy! Enjoy!Film @grantcbmxEdit @francisgcastro

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