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Would Flybikes sponsor me?

Flybikes normally seeks out new riders through the team or our extended family.  Each one of the main riders travels year round and keeps a watchful eye on the young up and coming. Keep shredding and maybe it will happen someday. Most of our new team riders were kids that dreamt to be a Flybikes rider someday and it happened !

Why you don’t make chrome plated parts (frames, forks, bars & cranks)?

Chrome plating is one of the most aggressive procedures to the environment. The waste produced is highly toxic and stays this way for years. Workers have a very high risk of contracting several diseases and major health problems. We are very concerned about the environment so we see it has unmoral to produce such items, specially when there is not need of them in BMX. Besides, chrome parts are more expensive and heavier. Note: our aluminum color parts are not chrome but high polished.

Would you sponsor my jam/event?

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that we are unable to sponsor your event.  We receive hundreds of emails all year round asking for our support and it's just not possible to support them all. It would not be fair to support one and not all of them. To make it fair we only sponsor the events that our riders, our workers or our family team puts on or is directly involved with.

What tools do I need to assemble your products?

We always try to reduce the amount of tools that you need to work on your bike and we have managed to reduce them to a very few! With this list, you are set!: 8mm. allen: cranks spindle bolt, front hub bolts. 6mm. allen: stems, seat clamp, pedals, crank sprocket bolt, tripod post 5mm. allen: lever, brake bolts, brake pads. 4mm. allen: manual brake spring plates, chain tensioners. 2.5mm. allen: brake hanger, EBS mounts, RGT (removable gyro tabs). 17mm. socket: pegs (you can also use 8mm. allen) Spoke wrench: spokes Cable cutter: brake cables Pump