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How to assemble a Fly complete bike

1 month ago Videos bikes
How to assemble a FLY BMX BIKE   Quick video about how easy and fast it is to assemble your FLY BMX bike, step by step, with the new plastic-free BIKE BOX. Designed and made in Europe by Flybikes.   Finally, the most sustainable and comfy BMX bike packaging is here! • 100% plastic...

PROTON Bike unboxing by Courage Adams

3 months ago Videos bikes Courage Adams
PROTON BMX Bike unboxing by Courage Adams.   In this unboxing video you can see how easy it is to assemble your Flybikes BMX bike with the new free plastic Bike Box, specially designed by Flybikes to have your bike ready to shred in minutes in the most sustainable way.    More info...

The most sustainable and comfy BMX packaging is here!

3 months ago Videos bikes
Finally, plastic free recyclable BMX packaging has arrived In a moment when online shopping and worldwide shipping have proved its actual power and possibilities, the packaging of all the products we order on the internet becomes a fundamental part of each sale. The Flybikes team, as part of the...


3 months ago Videos bikes
The Omega, our best street bike! The OMEGA is our best street BMX bike, which comes in two versions: Cassette or Freecoaster. The Cassette CST version with 2-piece bars inspired by Courage Adams’ setup and the Freecoaster FC version with 4-piece bars inspired by Devon Smillie and most street...


3 months ago bikes Videos
The PROTON  is a street machine that also feels great on ramps. This beast uses a 100% Cr-mo frame, bars and the new fork with integrated cone shape design. Available in Cassette and Freecoaster versions with subtle details to give it a different look with the 2-piece bars on the...


3 months ago Videos bikes
The NEUTRON is the perfect mid-level BMX bike with a geometry suitable for transition and street riding. The frame uses main CrMo tubes and the forks feature CrMo steer tube with the new Volcano Forks inspired design that we are really psyched on! The Neutron features our Springhanger brake system...