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#Ruben Alcantara

Product Drop: Ruben II Grips

As some of you heard by now, after 15 years of being a very common find in bike shops around the world, we began working on a new and improved version of the Ruben Alcantara signature grip! The Ruben II Grips have arrived, and we're more than excited to share with you what Ruben came up with for...


This past August after most of the team spent the weekend at the annual O Marisquiño contest in Vigo, Spain, we decided to have the team at our warehouse to spend some time working on new products and to have some fun on our bikes at some of the amazing local parks! We had a few good days of...


With our 2020 line of products set to drop in November, we're excited to start sharing some of our new and improved products! There's an interview with Ruben Alcantara over on the DIG WEBSITE giving you a look at the new Ruben Ligera tire that we are bringing back after a ton of requests from...

Ruben Alcantara Video Bike Check

4 years ago Ruben Alcantara
The crew over at DIGcaught up with Ruben Alcantara to take a closer look at his current setup in this new video bike check. In the video, Ruben discusses his whole bike, along with a look at our Magneto Cassette hub that we are finally releasing this summer, the new CNC brakes and more! "While we...

Ride To Malaga

Here's a video we've been excited to see! For the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Malaga, Ruben, Sergio and Tere were all apart of this Ride To Malaga documentary that gives insight and perspective on what the event means for them and their thoughts on how it all went down! This is filled with some amazing...

Sneak Peek: 2019 Ruben 16" Tire

If you follow us on Instagram, there's a good chance you caught the sneak peek of what's to come in November! We're excited to announce that we will be releasing a 16" version of our very popular Ruben Rampera Tire! With generations of BMX riders that have grown up watching Ruben ride, we knew...