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Jayden Mucha Welcome!

Jayden Mucha Welcome to the team!   We're stocked to introduce our latest Team member, Austin local Jayden Mucha is on the Fly Family, Welcome! Born in 2002 in Rochester, NY; and living in Austin, TX, Jayden rides it all, whether it’s park, street, or trails, but in another level and a...

Pitu's Sierra Set up

1 year ago sierra Pitu Bikecheck
New Pitu's Sierra setup   Here's a close look at the new rad Sierra Setup and the parts list that Pitu, our Malaga's local legend, just put together.   Pitu's choice is the Sergio Layos' signature Sierra frame 20.6" TT in new Dark Red, Sierra bars 8.5" and Sierra Tripod Seat in brown...

Sergio's interview and bikecheck on Digbmx!

2 years ago Sergio Layos Bikecheck
Ever wondered why Sergio Layos keeps a 4 year old cake in his fridge? Find out in the latest Setups feature on you’re there you can also take a look at his Fly Sierra build ?Thanks to Lloret Trails for letting us ride such an amazing spot ?✨

Teresa Azcoaga Sierra Bike Check

This past summer has been a strange one with everyone being locked down on quarantine, traveling being put on standstill and events all over the world being cancelled. With that, riders have been finding new ways to keep the sessions going! Teresa Azcoaga isn't one to sit around and do nothing, so...

Courage Adams Bike Check On DIG

Curious what Courage Adams is running for a setup these days? Courage has a brand new bike check up on the DIG website givign you a closer look at his current GEO setup, along with some questions about his bike, his stance on running a cassette hub, current projects and more!

Stefan Lantschner 2016 Bike Check

"My 2016 Montaña frame comes in 2 top-tube sizes, 20,8", and 21" which is the length I ride. I made the back end a little shorter to change things up a bit and I love it. I also went from just black and added a white colorway and really dig it!! If you're not a fan of the white there is still...