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New Motosierra 🛠️ Custom Bike assembly.

Motosierra 🛠️ Custom Bike assembly.   In order to take another step forward in offering the best BMX quality product at the best price, we are thrilled to announce that Fly Signature BMX Bikes can now be fully customized according to your preferences. Explore the full range of new...

Fly Sion BMX Bike Assembly

1 year ago Videos bikes bmxbikes
Fly Sion BMX Bike Assembly   All Fly complete bikes are assembled by hand 🛠️ at Fly's warehouse in Europe with special attention  to detail, and fine quality control in order to build the best bikes possible.   Full specs and more info about the Sion Bike✨ here:...

SION Bike Unboxing by Alessio Tonoli

1 year ago Videos sion bikes alessio
FLY SION✨ BMX Complete bike Unboxing    FLY SION✨ BMX bike unboxing and testing by Alessio Tonoli (@cornflakesfuture) with the new 100% ♻️ recyclable and free-plastic Bike packaging, designed by Flybikes to have your bike ready to roast ramps or street in minutes, in the most...

Fly NOVA 18" BMX bike

1 year ago Videos bikes
Fly Nova 18" BMX Bike   The NOVA 18" Bike is clearly at the top of 18” inches BMX with the best value for money. If you are looking for a bike for a young kid who wants to start riding, the Fly Nova BMX is a great choice!   This bike design fits any riding style, no matter if...

Fly NEUTRON Bike unboxing and testing by Sergio Layos

FLY NEUTRON BMX Bike unboxing and testing by Sergio Layos.   In this unboxing video, you can see Sergio Layos assembling a Fly NEUTRON BMX bike with the new free plastic Bike Box, specially designed by Flybikes to have your bike ready to shred in minutes...

How to assemble a Fly complete bike

1 year ago Videos bikes
How to assemble a FLY BMX BIKE   Quick video about how easy and fast it is to assemble your FLY BMX bike, step by step, with the new plastic-free BIKE BOX. Designed and made in Europe by Flybikes.   Finally, the most sustainable and comfy BMX bike packaging is here! • 100% plastic...