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New Motosierra 🛠️ Custom Bike assembly.

Motosierra 🛠️ Custom Bike assembly.


In order to take another step forward in offering the best BMX quality product at the best price, we are thrilled to announce that Fly Signature BMX Bikes can now be fully customized according to your preferences. Explore the full range of new Signature Custom BMX Bikes and discover the new options, including the new combo of Magneto🧲 Hubs and Lunar Rims, which make these high-quality bmx bikes comparable to those used by our team riders💥

Thanks to our in-house assembly 🛠️ facility, we proudly offer an extra cost-saving advantage of up to 25% compared to buying individual components separately.

Thanks to Kevin Reed from for the amazing tire wedge tool that puts your wheel in place in a second that easily! We are continuously innovating our bike assembly process to save time, reduce costs, and offer better pricing options, as well as improved customization, and more


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