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#Sem Kok

DIG RAW - 60 Seconds with Sem Kok

3 weeks ago Sem Kok
The crew at DIG BMX caught up with Sem Kok for their latest 60 Seconds video! As always, Sem brings a TON of style to the trails and the sounds in this are amazing. Enjoy!"Catch a minute of trails roasting through the woods with Fly Bikes smooth operator Sem Kok, deep in Belgium. Nothing better...


2 months ago Sem Kok
Since joining the Flybikes family, Sem Kok has been traveling the world non-stop hitting up contests and riding amazing spots along the way. Here's a video filled with clips from sessions he got in at cement parks, backyard ramps, street spots and trails from all over Europe to Adam LZ's backyard...


3 months ago Sem Kok
Sem Kok has been non-stop the past few months and he's been putting his 2019 Sierra setup to good use on trails, parks and street spots all along the way. The guys over at Ride UK caught up with Sem to take a closer look at his current setup, along with a bunch of photos and a few extra questions...

Sergio Layos & Teresa Azcoaga Win Vans BMX Pro Cup Sydney

There was no shortage of Flybikes riders at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Sydney, Australia this weekend! Sergio Layos, Teresa Azcoaga, Larry Edgar, Pitu, Sem Kok and Hunter Cowen-Murphy were all in attendance, and even Ruben Alcantara was there as a judge for the contest. When the dust settled from the...


6 months ago Sem Kok Videos Projects
When it comes to the Flybikes Pro team, we are very selective of just who we add and it's not something we just offer to any rider that is the flavor of the week. We take a family approach to every rider we pick. Over the past two years that Sem Kok has rode for Flybikes through Rock N Roll...

Courage Adams & Sem Kok at the SamCity x Flybikes 2019 Launch Party

7 months ago Courage Adams Sem Kok
This past weekend our friends at Rock N Roll BMX Distribution in the Netherlands teamed up with SamCity Skatepark to do a launch party for our 2019 line of completes, frames and bars! Courage Adams and Sem Kok were there to hang out with the locals and get some riding in! Above is a video that...