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#Sem Kok

Setups: Sem Kok

2 years ago Sem Kok Bike Check
As some of you might have noticed, Sem Kok has been rolling around on a fresh Aire setup recently and a lot of people were digging the colors and look of the bike. The crew over at DIG BMX caught up with Sem to take a closer look at his bike, and to find out what he has been doing during the...

Sem Kok Raw Line

2 years ago Sem Kok Features
During a recent trip to California, Sem Kok caught a session at the FOD Trails. Nothing but the sound of Sem's tires and Cassette, and style for miles packed into this one! Filmed and edited by Dylan Stark Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!


This past August after most of the team spent the weekend at the annual O Marisquiño contest in Vigo, Spain, we decided to have the team at our warehouse to spend some time working on new products and to have some fun on our bikes at some of the amazing local parks! We had a few good days of...

DIG RAW - 60 Seconds with Sem Kok

2 years ago Sem Kok
The crew at DIG BMX caught up with Sem Kok for their latest 60 Seconds video! As always, Sem brings a TON of style to the trails and the sounds in this are amazing. Enjoy!"Catch a minute of trails roasting through the woods with Fly Bikes smooth operator Sem Kok, deep in Belgium. Nothing better...


3 years ago Sem Kok Projects
Since joining the Flybikes family, Sem Kok has been traveling the world non-stop hitting up contests and riding amazing spots along the way. Here's a video filled with clips from sessions he got in at cement parks, backyard ramps, street spots and trails from all over Europe to Adam LZ's backyard...


3 years ago Sem Kok
Sem Kok has been non-stop the past few months and he's been putting his 2019 Sierra setup to good use on trails, parks and street spots all along the way. The guys over at Ride UK caught up with Sem to take a closer look at his current setup, along with a bunch of photos and a few extra questions...