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Pitu's Sierra Set up

1 year ago sierra Pitu Bikecheck
New Pitu's Sierra setup   Here's a close look at the new rad Sierra Setup and the parts list that Pitu, our Malaga's local legend, just put together.   Pitu's choice is the Sergio Layos' signature Sierra frame 20.6" TT in new Dark Red, Sierra bars 8.5" and Sierra Tripod Seat in brown...


2 years ago Pitu Bike Check
There's no better feeling than a new bike! It was time for Pitu to freshen up his setup, and he decided to go with the Gloss Black Aire frame this time around. Check out the full parts list, along with a bunch of dialed photos of the new setup!Photos by: @lucasrecasensFrame: Aire 21" /...


This past August after most of the team spent the weekend at the annual O Marisquiño contest in Vigo, Spain, we decided to have the team at our warehouse to spend some time working on new products and to have some fun on our bikes at some of the amazing local parks! We had a few good days of...

Sergio Layos & Teresa Azcoaga Win Vans BMX Pro Cup Sydney

There was no shortage of Flybikes riders at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Sydney, Australia this weekend! Sergio Layos, Teresa Azcoaga, Larry Edgar, Pitu, Sem Kok and Hunter Cowen-Murphy were all in attendance, and even Ruben Alcantara was there as a judge for the contest. When the dust settled from the...


5 years ago Pitu Videos Projects
We are excited to announce that Alejandro “Pitu” Alcojor is back on Flybikes! Pitu was a huge part of Flybikes early on, and it's great to have him back on a Flybikes setup as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Here's his official welcome video, along with a look at his brand new 2019...