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Ruben Rodriguez "Rubio" Sierra Setup

Rubio's Sierra Setup   Ruben Rodriguez Aka. Rubio and his Sierra setup from Canary Islands, a land made of volcanoes and palm trees where quiet life and an endless summer leave him time for those Ruben things and some folds bringing the bone to the TT... if you know, you know.   Photos:...

Murray Loubser's Setup

3 months ago Murray Loubser Bike Check
Check out Murray's latest ride.   Murray Loubser, hailing from Cape Town, is riding for our friends at Odyssey BMX and Flybikes.   Check out Murray's latest ride. He's tearing it up on a custom build featuring the Courage Adams signature Savanna frame, decked out with his favorite parts...

Courage's signature Savanna Setup in Gloss Black

Courage's signature Savanna Gloss Black setup. Courage Adams took gold for the fifth consecutive year at Omarisquiño 2023 BMX Street over the weekend in Vigo, Spain. Check out a close look at his current Savanna setup built from his signature Savanna Frame in Gloss Black, Savanna Bars and...


2 years ago Pitu Bike Check
There's no better feeling than a new bike! It was time for Pitu to freshen up his setup, and he decided to go with the Gloss Black Aire frame this time around. Check out the full parts list, along with a bunch of dialed photos of the new setup!Photos by: @lucasrecasensFrame: Aire 21" /...

Christian Masur 2020 Bike Check

There is a brand new Bike Check with Christian Masur over on the Freedom BMX website! Christian has been apart of the Flybikes family for just about 6 years now over in Germany, and he's been putting in work on his Sierra setup! Check out a bunch of photos, a full parts list and an interview right...

Teresa Azcoaga Sierra Bike Check

This past summer has been a strange one with everyone being locked down on quarantine, traveling being put on standstill and events all over the world being cancelled. With that, riders have been finding new ways to keep the sessions going! Teresa Azcoaga isn't one to sit around and do nothing, so...