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Sergio Layos' Setup, Q&A

11 months ago

Sergio Layos bikecheck and interview

A few words with Sergio Layos about his signature Sierra Setup, the past, the future and whatever...


Make a question.



If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would you choose and why?

I will say Super Heroes of BMX from Mogwai as it's always been a song that always puts me on the right mood and that has BMX on the name can only make it better! 


What is the most bizarre question you have been asked?

I think it clearly comes to my mind and but I can’t write it here but I can say that I have missed a flight arguing over it sitting in front of the gate.. we had a hard time getting on the next flight as our previous flight wasn’t late and we had plenty of time to make it and we couldn’t say that the real reason was that we were arguing about a stupid question in front of the gate..

We ended up having to spend the night on the airport using mini DV tapes as a pillow. Haha


Why you named Pantera your first Fly signature line? 

I was really into the band and there was a period of time where some of their songs were used on BMX videos and always got super motivated to ride and if a Pantera song is on there is no way you are not throwing everything you have on a session.


What are the differences between Sierra and Motosierra Frames?

The Sierra frame is designed more for bowls and ramp riding and the MotoSierra frame is truly trails style frame where you have a longer top tube, mellower head tube angle, longer chainstays, lower BB height and a taller stand over and comes with welded brake mounts.


You donate a % of the sales to a set of trails how much is it and why Lloret Trails? 

The amount depends on how many frames sell, the trails get 10$ per frame, and the first batch goes to Lloret which is a special place for me as I have always felt really good riding there and always felt like a part of the Lloret family. 


When did you have your last black frame, why?

My last black frame was a Pantera and for some reason, I really like how a colored frame with black parts looks.. it makes the bike stand out without getting tired of it. 


Oilslick or sparkle?

If I really have to choose I will go to sparkle.. not that I like it but there is something about oilslick that makes me sick.. haha I think it has something to do with parts from non true bmx brands where maybe they think that adding oilslick will add quality to a bad product.


Seems that you fly higher from black helmets, does the metallic paint really weigh more or is it mental?

I think it may be mental haha... my previous helmet was a shiny one painted black and it did the job.. maybe having less weight on my shoulders does make the difference!


MTB helmets for BMX?

This is a hard one to answer as I rode the bell full cut for years and I have had a crash where I was out for a good 5 minutes and all I remember is from already being in the hospital having a head scan and I want to say that I that helmet saved me but I have recently listened to a podcast about helmets and they were talking about the helmet having to have a bit of play the inside foam from the outside plastic and I had my mtb helmet laying home and my old bmx helmet asking for a replacement and thought it could be a good idea.


Are 80’s back or Tube pads really make sense? What’s Scrub Racing?

Haha, not sure they are back... but I’m really stoked about tables again and my shin has a spot that every time I do a proper table I will get a cut and this fixes it and my friend Ricky had some laying around and it was worth trying one. 

Scrub racing comes from a few friends that love the old style of how BMX and MX looked like and love scrubs and whips. 


If you had a time machine, would you travel to the future or back to the past?

I think I will go back... all the bands I like are from the past, cars were better looking and seems like there was more room for people to develop crazy ideas... now it seems like everything its been carved to fit with the rest. Miss the days were everything was cool and you had so many different styles sharing the same deck.


How do you imagine the future in 20 years? (BMX & no BMX)

Hopefully, as trends go in circles we will go back to things that look good and feel good instead of having everyone training on foampits to see how many tailwhips and barspins they can fit into whatever rotation they are doing.. and hopefully people will try to enjoy life a bit more and not being as money driven as everyone seems to be these days.


What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

I was really lucky with how good of an example the people that I looked up to were and my family and the life lessons were good to me... but I think I try to never say No to a project or an event and I said No to a few things that I ended up regretting.


Things to do if you were the only survivor of the next zombie apocalypse.  

Probably will try to ride all those forbidden spots on crazy buildings and will go street riding with all sorts of vehicles... haha


Your most unusual talent (Out of the bike)

I tend to recognize locations on photos or clips by the floor.. not sure that is a talent.


Top five things to do before dying.

Ride Ruben’s bowl.

Ride Banos trails.

Go to Japan.

Buy a Datsun 240z.

Do proper trails trip with a good crew.


Your best joke.

Who built Kings Arthur's round table? 

Sir Cumference.


What would be the song you would play every time you leave a room?

I think it will be Mountain at my gates from the Foals as it motivates me a lot.


Here's the full rundown:

If you know Sergio, you already know that he is very specific about how his bike must be, and it's like an extension of his body, and that means it has to be built for speed, reliable, flowy and look good too.


Frame: Sierra 20.6” / 13.6” Dark Red (Sergio Layos signature)

Handlebars: Sierra 8.5” (Sergio Layos signature)

Fork: Fly Volcano 33 offset

Stem: Fly Volcano 25M

Headset: Fly Volcano 0

Cranks: Fly Dolmen 180mm / 22mm

Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar Mid BB

Sprocket: Fly Tractor TT 29T

Chain: Fly Tractor

Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite (Ruben Alcantara signature)

Seat: Fly Sierra Tripod (Sergio Layos signature)

Seat Post: Fly Tripod

Tires: Fly Ruben Ligera 2.40” Foldable Front & Fly Ruben 2.25” Foldable Rear (Ruben Alcantara signature)

Front Wheel: Fly Magneto front hub (Aluminum Axle / cone bolts) + Fly Lunar-Lite rim

Rear Wheel: Fly Magneto Cassette hub 9T (Aluminum Axle / Ex bolts) + Fly Lunar rim

Stickers: Custom frame stickers protection cover by

Tube Pad: Scrub Racing


An exact replica of Sergio Layos' signature Sierra Bike is available HERE 👈