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The most sustainable and comfy BMX packaging is here!

3 months ago Videos bikes

Finally, plastic free recyclable BMX packaging has arrived

In a moment when online shopping and worldwide shipping have proved its actual power and possibilities, the packaging of all the products we order on the internet becomes a fundamental part of each sale. The Flybikes team, as part of the bicycle industry, wouldn’t be left behind.

That’s the reason all of us have been working to find a packaging design that would allow an easy unboxing of the BMX we send all over the world and tune in to one of our most appreciated values: an environmentally responsible production that is transparent for our customers.

After a gruelling path that included many different possible designs and countless testing stages, we have reached a pioneer packaging option that is much more than a simple box for bike shipping. Wanna get to know a little more?


Is it a box? Is it a bicycle? Let us introduce you to the newest Flybikes invention

If you already know Flybikes, maybe you are aware that we are a small passionate European BMX shop that, day by day, tries to offer great quality products (complete bikes, wheels, frames, seats, etc.) and the best customer service in our online shop. In this process, shipping is essential.

That’s why, when we decided to design a new packaging for the bikes by ourselves, we focused on creating a shipping box that could both improve the best packaging in the market (ensuring safe shipping for every part of the bike), and be made of recyclable materials. With this clear aim and many months of hard work, our new bike shipping box has finally arrived.

Including a completely self-developed design in which every BMX can travel in a protected, safe way and reach its destination almost fully assembled. However, there is another thing besides product protection that is really essential to us. We are focused on achieving an environmentally conscious activity related to our passion, bikes, which is why this packaging is a pioneering sustainable object. Let’s get into more detail.


Why is this packaging revolutionary in the BMX industry

This new shipping box from Flybikes finished its development after months of testing and modifications that allowed us to achieve a totally innovative structure, never previously seen in BMX online shopping.

During all this period, we have checked that our new box is unique. It not only opens a self-design packaging that can change the way BMX are sold, but also stems from very clear values, like the use of recyclable materials and a completely local and transparent production, so we can make our shipping commensurate with the value of sustainability.

No BMX company, at this moment, has achieved the creation of a box with this kind of features, and that’s why we think it is important for our present and future followers and customers, no matter their location, to know about this new packaging. Let us tell you a bit more about what our new shipping box is made of.


Plastic free packaging for safe and sustainable shipping

Thanks to a design completely based on cardboard, we have managed to remove any trace of plastic from our packaging.

The cardboard used is not only resistant, ensuring the complete protection of the bike in any route, but it also works as cushioning, which increases the guarantee that all the parts will arrive in perfect condition, as we have intensely checked.

So, no matter how many years old you are, or if you are looking for an initiation bike that can adapt to any riding style, or if you prefer some of our top bikes for experimented bikers: in our shop you will become a part of a responsible shipping alternative that is already so near to you.

Resistant recyclable materials, what else can we ask for in bike packaging?

This shipping box ranks Flybikes’ as a cutting-edge BMX shop and brand in what refers to self-designing quality products that assure our buyers and followers the reliability, we think they deserve. But we would also like for this object to ratify us as the consistent company we try to be every day.

So, once an order arrives to its destination and our customer has unpacked the whole bicycle in an easy and comfy way, they will only need to leave the box in the nearest paper dumpster so the material can return to the recycling chain. This way, every person and BMX rider has the chance to participate in a more environmentally responsible, fairer shopping, becoming a special part of the Flybikes’ team in its aim to improve the sustainability of the bicycle market.


A bike-shipping box 100% made and designed in Europe

One of the areas of the Flybikes environmental commitment in which we have never turned a blind eye is where our own products will be made. Our new shipping BMX packaging couldn’t be an exception.

We believe that our values are beyond profit margins and that the environmental issue is a priority of our days. Because of this, not only have we created a totally recyclable shipping box, but we have striven to ensure its complete manufactures inside the European Union, so we have reduced to a minimum all the emissions that a cheaper but remote making will have carried.

Minimal emissions making for worldwide bicycle shipping

Because our activities include shipping BMX bikes worldwide, we truly consider that it is necessary to make all the process as low polluting as possible. We thought we could do our part by designing our new shipping box; that way we can take a step forward and continue our daily work to get better, so the riders, followers or any person interested in our products could put their trust on us.

That’s why, with this packaging, Flybikes has become a pioneering BMX online shop in its path to become a zero-waste company. A company that believes in the local manufacture of its products, not only keeping our engagement with the environment, but promoting European employability and industry.


Packaging designed for an easy assembly process of your new BMX

Despite everything we have said, in the end a box made for bicycle shipping is just that: a packaging that should guarantee that each bike part arrives without any damage and ensure an easy and comfortable BMX unboxing for every customer, both young and adult, the experienced veteran and the emerging rider.

Because of this, it was a big deal for us that the design allowed every the Flybikes buyers easy assembly of their new bike. This is why our bikes are almost completely assembled inside the box, so every rider only needs to assemble the handlebar, the front wheel, the seating or the pedals.

This assembly is the final element that ranks our new packaging as a clear and revolutionary advance in BMX shipping, and allows any person interested in starting or continuing a journey into the bike’s world to do so knowing that they will get an easy assemblage besides a recyclable box.


The most conscious BMX packaging: When do you wanna check it out?

Now you know why we were so willing to share this new self-design shipping box with all of you. And with all the people in the bike-riding world who are part of this sport or would want to get closer to it. Because we believe in responsible online shopping, where all of us can feel part of those values that encourage us to continue with a work that has led to, in this case, a 100% plastic free packaging.

Next time anyone decides to purchase a Flybikes BMX, it will arrive in a resistant cardboard box that offers the easiest assembly, both for complete beginners and the most experienced BMX riders. And this makes us so happy that we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself!

There is nothing left to say, apart from that we are looking forward for your next order, so you can personally see all the advantages of this new packaging (in addition to our completely free worldwide shipping). In any case, don’t miss the opportunity of subscribing and staying up to date so you can keep on rocking as a BMX rider.

We are waiting for your order along with the new pioneering recyclable packaging, more than ready to surprise you wherever you are.