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Magneto Rear Hub Male
Hubs Magneto Rear Hub Male
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The Magneto Cassette features a magnetic system engage using the force of two magnets that allow the ratchet ring to engage. The magnetic field provides an even repelling force, making the ratchet work completely straight and reducing friction compared to springs system. The Neomidium magnets maintain the magnetic field pretty much forever, as well. These properties create the fastest, most reliable and most durable system possible. Not to mention, the unique and powerful noise...
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Magneto Rear Hub Male Specs
  • Notes:
  • The hub features 10mm. / 3/8" bolt on drive side with 14mm. OD section to fit the dropout.
  • Only works with dropouts 6mm. and thicker. For thinner dropouts, a 14mm. ID washer is required.
  • Female version is not suitable for peg use on the drive side.
  • The simplicity of the system is also great for customization. The Magneto cassette features ONLY ONE moving part, the assembly is as easy as it can get and reduces the overall weight significantly.
  • We are using heat treated CrMo caps instead of aluminum to be stiff and avoid wobble that can form over time and they are CNC machined outside and inside to achieve almost the same weight.
  • The shell is made of a much stronger 7075 Aluminum and features the sunken spoke holes that we created with our Classic Front Hub.
  • The driver, end caps and bolts use an anti-rust process that also gives the hub an awesome color finish.
  • Magneto Cassette Hub Male Specs:
    Magneto magnetic engage system
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum shell with recessed spoke holes design
  • Heat treated CrMo driver, caps & bolts with anti-rust treatment
  • Heat treated CrMo axle
  • Internally & externally machined CNC CrMo caps
  • Compatible with Magneto Hub Guards
  • Drive Side Nylon guard available
  • Made in Europe
  • Weight CrMo Male axle: 475 gr / 16.7 oz.
  • Lacing Info:
  • Drive Side Flange Diameter: 48mm / 8mm Spokes
  • Driveside Ofsett: 29mm
  • Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter: 41mm / 8mm Spokes
  • Non-Drive Side Offset: 19mm
  • Spoke Lengths:
  • Magneto Cassette to Lunar Rim: 184mm Drive Side / 186mm Non-Drive Side
  • Magneto Cassette to Lunar X Lace Rim: 188mm Drive Side / 190mm Non-Drive Side