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Cobra Tube
Tires & Tubes Cobra Tube
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Imagine not having to remove your wheel to fix a flat. Well, we’ve got you covered. Exclusive to Fly bikes, the patented Cobra tube is a linear design that allows you to replace a flat tube in seconds without any tools or having to remove your wheel.
Comes in 20 and 26".

Fix a flat in seconds without removing the wheel with our patented linear design.


Cobra Tube Specs
  • 1._
    Feed the tube between the wheel and the frame or forks, and insert the valve through the hole in the rim.
  • 2._
    Insert the tube's valve through the rim's valve hole, and mount about 3/4 of the tire onto the rim.
  • 3._
    Rotate the wheel 180º degrees and mount the remaining side of the tire.
  • 4._
    Finish mounting the tire, inflate the tube, and enjoy your ride!
  • Weight 20"
    160 g / 5.64 oz

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