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Fly OMEGA BMX Bike Assembly

1 year ago

Fly OMEGA BMX Bike Assembly


Fly complete bikes are assembled by hand 🛠️ at Fly's warehouse in Europe with fine quality control in order to offer the best bikes possible.


OMEGA BMX Bike ✨ is the perfect choice for those who want to ensure high-quality riding with a pro street BMX bike, inspired by Courage Adams' Savanna and Devon Smillie's Fuego setups, from infinite tech combos or crazy bmx bangers, this bike is able to reach any street freestyle BMX expectative, no matter which trick you are thinking about. The Omega Street BMX comes with all aftermarket Fly hits that better fit it to build an authentic top bmx street bike:


• 100% Cromo Frame, Bars & Forks

• Sealed Hubs & double wall Rims

• Freecoaster or Cassette options

• LHD or RHD options

• Pegs & Guards included

• Removable brake mounts

• Chain tensioners

• Street riding geometry

• Easy Assembly with our 100% plastic-free recyclable packaging.

• All you need to rock your neighborhood 🔥


👉 More info about the OMEGA Bike here

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