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Fly ORION bike video

2 months ago Videos

Fly Orion BMX Bike

The ORION is our high end bike with transition and trail riders in mind. We took Sergio Layos and Josh Dove as inspiration to build a bike that even they could ride straight out of the box.

This top of the line transition machine features full Chromoly frame, bars and a new fork with the integrated cone shape design.
About parts, the Orion comes equipped with a selection of Flybikes aftermarket parts, the same as Sergio or Dovey are riding right now: the Ruben Alcantara's signature line, Piramide rims and more.
In addition to this, it comes packed with sealed hubs, Springhanger brake system and removable brake mounts to go brakeless if you want.

Available in Flat Metallic Green or a Flat Black option with polished parts.


Learn more about the ORION here!

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