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1 year ago welcome alessio

Everyone in Fly is stoked to welcome Alessio Tonoli to the team! Alessio from Winterthur Switzerland, is the kind of guy that is always down for a good time, has a sick style, and loves going big and that to us is what BMX is about! Keep an eye out for him if you want to see some cool stuff!

Welcome Alessio!

You can keep up with Alessio on Instagram -- @cornflakesfuture

"Riding bikes has been in my life since I can remember, especially BMX! I started super young with racing and somehow ended up trying tricks on the race track so I came into the freestyle scene and I can't think about something more diverse than BMX. there are so many different ways to ride and you can express yourself how you like to and as long as it puts a smile on your face you're doing the right thing. smiles! That's why I ride BMX." - Alessio Tonoli. 

Full Fly set up:

Aire Frame 21" / 13.8" – Larry Edgar signature

Sierra Bars 9" – Sergio Layos signature

Sierra Tripod Seat – Sergio Layos signature

Tripod Seat Post

Ruben 2 Grips

Ruben Graphite Pedals

Ruben 2.35 Tires

Volcano 30 Forks

Volcano 25 Stem

Volcano 15 Headset

Dolmen II 175mm Cranks

Rotar Mid BB 24mm Flat black

Tractor 30 TT Sprocket

Tractor Chain

Lunar Rims laced with Magneto Hubs