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Stefan Lantschner

Born in Bolzano, Italy.

"There is nothing else in life what gives me that feeling of freedom like when I ride my bike. This is the reason why I ride every day and why I ride the way I do. When everything flows perfect and you become ones with bike and transition, that feeling goes beyond happiness."

Frame: Sierra 21” (Sergio Layos signature)
Bars: Subrosa
Fork: Fly Volcano 33
Grips: Fly Ruben (Ruben Alcantara signature)
Barends: Fly Volcano
Stem: Fly Volcano 25
Headset: Fly Volcano 0
Cranks: Fly Dolmen 180mm / 22mm
Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar Mid BB
Sprocket: Fly Tractor XL 30T
Chain: Fly Tractor
Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite (Ruben Alcantara signature)
Seat: Fly Sierra 2 Tripod (Sergio Layos signature)
Seat Post: Fly Tripod
Tires: Fly Fuego 2.30 Foldable Front & Rear
Front Wheel: Fly Magneto front hub (Aluminum Axle/cone bolts) + Fly Lunar rim
Rear Wheel: Fly Magneto Cassette hub 10T (Aluminum Axle/cone bolts) + Fly Lunar rim