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Javier "JAVITXU" de la Torre

Born in Madrid in 2010.
Lives in San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid.
Started to ride at 3 years old in Alcobendas, Madrid, and now, his favorite bowls to ride are Boadilla and San Martín de la Vega.

FRAME: Fly Sierra 18“ Gloss Warm Grey (Sergio Layos Signature)
BARS: Fly Sierra 8" (Sergio Layos Signature)
FORK: Fly Volcano 18”
STEM: Fly Volcano 25 Short
HEADSET: Fly Volcano 7mm.
BARENDS: Fly Volcan
GRIPS: Fly Ruben II (Ruben Alcantara Signature)
SEAT: Fly Sierra Tripod (Sergio Layos Signature)
CRANKS: Fly Dolmen 155mm. Length
SPROCKET: Fly Tractor 25T
CHAIN: Fly Tractor
PEDALS: Fly Ruben Graphite (Ruben Alcantara Signature)
WHEELS: Fly Magneto Female Aluminum Axle with Trebol 18” Rims Front & Rear
TIRES: Fly Fuego 18“ Front & Rear