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Jackson Presbury

Born in 2012 in Newcastle NSW, Australia
Live in Newcastle NSW
My fav place to ride is Charlestown Chip Bowl

Set up:
Handlebars: Sierra 8” (Sergio Layos signature)
Fork: Fly Volcano 18“ Inch / 25mm. offset
Stem: Fly Volcano 25 Short
Headset: Fly Volcano 15
Cranks: Fly Dolmen 155mm / 22mm
Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar Spanish BB
Sprocket: Fly Tractor 25T
Chain: Tractor
Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite (Ruben Alcantara signature)
Seat: Fly Aire Tripod (Larry Edgar signature)
Seat Post: Fly Tripod
Tires: Fly Fuego 18” Inch 2.20” Front & Rear
Front Wheel: Profile front hub + Colony
Rear Wheel: Profile Cassette hub 9T + Colony