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Courage Adams

Born in 1996 in Benin City, Nigeria.
I currently live in Madrid, Spain and spend a lot of time riding the Cortes Square in Leganes.
I really like Cortes Square, it is where I've filmed a bunch of my IG clips. The Leganes park is also the best setup for me.

Current set up: Savanna Bars, Savanna Frame, Savanna Seat, Fuego tires & Fuego grips, Volcano fork and Volcano TL Stem, Ruben pedals, Tractor chain and Tractor XL Sprocket, Piramide Rims.

"BMX began as something unimportant in my life, but now, is everything. When I have a bad day or feel stressed, all I need to do is just ride my bike. "Ride and have fun", that's my motto. For me is the most important thing because when you have fun doing something you love, everithing flows and good things will come to you."