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Wooder Tire Wedgie
Tools Wooder Tire Wedgie
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Wooder Tire Wedgie designed by Wooderdesigns

With our in-house assembly, we are constantly improving our bike assembly process to make things simpler, save time, lower expenses, and enhance customization.
This tool helps us with our goal and will also make your life easier when you work on your bike.

Special thanks to our friends @wooder_designs from for assisting us with this awesome tire tool that effortlessly places your wheel within a matter of seconds.

- VERY limited quantities!

- Colors may change from the photo shown.

Compatible with:
- From 16" to 24" BMX wheel sizes
- From 2.0" to 2.4" BMX tire width


  • Compatible with:
    BMX wheels from 16" to 24" sizes
  • Compatible with:
    BMX tires from 2.0" to 2.4" width
  • Made in USA