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Spokes Set 20 units
Rims & Spokes Spokes Set 20 units
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For the past few years, our team has been testing all possible spoke options, and after lots of discards, we are happy to get the spoke design that we want for BMX!
These spokes feature wider J-bend to accommodate up to 3.5mm. thick or thinner flanges that fit perfect on Magneto hubs and other hub brands. Made of Swiss-grade stainless steel with ED black finish, this design can also support very high-tension lacing, keeping your wheel in place and perfectly smooth.

Spoke Lengths:
Magneto Cassette to Lunar, Lunar Lite & Piramide Rims: 184mm Drive Side / 186mm Non-Drive Side
Magneto Cassette to Lunar X Lace Rim: 188mm Drive Side / 190mm Non-Drive Side

Magneto Front to Lunar Rim: 186mm
Magneto Front to Lunar X Lace Rim: 190mm


  • Spokes:
  • Material
    Swiss high grade stainless steel / ED black finish
  • Construction
    Wider bend area for thicker flanges
  • Nipples:
  • Material
    Brass / ED black finish