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Shane Weston Bike Check

8 years ago


Flybikes, Éclat, Dan's Comp, Fuse Pads

Bike Setup:

Coaster, two pegs, brakeless, and don't be scared show some seat post.
FRAME: 2015 Flybikes Isla mustard 20.8"
BARS: 2015 Flybikes Isla 9.25"
FORKS: Flybikes Agua
GRIPS: Éclat Zap
STEM: Éclat Burns
SEAT POST: Éclat Torch
CRANKS: Éclat Maverick
SPROCKET: Éclat Vent
PEDALS: Éclat Plaza
CHAIN: Flybikes Tractor / Éclat Diesel Frankenstein
FRONT HUB: Éclat Teck
REAR HUB: Éclat Blind freecoaster
REAR RIM: Éclat Trippin
FRONT RIM: Éclat Aero
REAR TIRE: Éclat Fireball
FRONT TIRE: Éclat Fireball
PEGS: Éclat Venom
TUBES: Flybikes Cobra
TOOLS: Éclat E Tool

Explain your style when it comes to clothes

SHIRT: Dans Trick TShirt
PANTS: Altamont Wilshire
SHOES: Lotek NightWolf
SUNGLASSES: Corner Store Specials

What’s new, Shane?

It sounds like you have been doing quite a bit of filming lately. When can we expect to see some fresh footage surface?
I actually just wrapped up filming for the Éclat Blind promo video. I think Paul has chosen the 10th of November to release the video!

Your 2015 Isla line had a few changes for this year!

What made you want to go with the Mustard Yellow colorway this time?
I have always loved mustard as a color. I wasn't to sure how it was gonna come out but I love how it looks!

The 2015 Isla bars were raised up to 9.25”.

What made you want to go taller? How do you like them so far?
Moving from 8.75" to 9" bars felt amazing so I figured maybe it would get even more amazing.
First session on I was sold. By far the best bar I've riden. Tons of room and the shape is spot on.

How can people keep up with you?

Instagram: @ShadyShane
Twitter: @fShaneWeston