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2 months ago

Some questions and answers with VARO HERNANDEZ:

- What are the first three things you did today?

Stretch, make coffee and answer this interview.

- If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Varo el niño la bici.

- How would you explain the differences between BMX Flatland and BMX Street to a 10-years kid?

So BMX Street is jumping around the city on a bike, like parkour, and BMX Flat is more like dancing on a bike, like breakdancing.

And now I would need to explain to the 10 years old kid what parkour and breakdance are.

- 3 Top Flat riders, why?

Matthias Dandois. He was my biggest inspiration when I started riding and still amazes me how he can keep learning new tricks while being busy all the time and still do good in contests.

Yohei Uchino. He makes my jaw drop every time he posts a clip on Instagram.

Martti Kuoppa. Still unbeatable. He pulled the hardest tricks on a BMX.

- 3 Top Street riders, why?

Courage Adams. His bike control and natural ability shock me.

Dennis Enarson. That Vans video part was just unbelievable.

Garret Reynolds. He is the GOAT.

- 3 Top Park riders, why?

Sergio Layos. What can I say? watching him ride is mesmerizing. He is the smoothest rider on a bike.

Kevin Peraza. I just love watching him ride anything, one of my biggest inspirations these days.

Teresa Fernandez. She has so much flow, Tere goes high and smooth.

- What invention do you think will revolutionize the Flatland world?

A freecoaster that finally works well?

- Best Flat video/video part:

Simon O’Brien - BMX Flatland Best rider? The first Flat video I ever watched.

- How do you see BMX Flat in 10 years?

I think the future in BMX Flat is bright. When I started riding Flat was almost dead, but I see now many riders worldwide pushing the sport in the right direction.

In 10 years I think there will be more riders, more academies, more events and more brands involved.

I also think that the Japanese scene will keep bringing us more crazy good talents and they will become dominant in the sport.

- If aliens landed in front of you and offered you any position on government their planet what would you want?

I would create a Ministry that is useless and has zero responsibility and then I would hire my friends as advisers so we can live from doing nothing with the aliens’ money.

- One superpower?

Controlling people’s actions and thoughts with my mind.

- Favourite trick feeling

I love the feeling of the rocket nose manual to foot jam whip when I land it perfectly clean on the pedals, jumping and rotating as much as I can

- Last trick you have learned

Some kind of bike flip to upside down peg rolling from a signature no hander trick on the back wheel I think. It’s hard to describe flat tricks haha

- First trick you learned

Bunny hopping downstairs I guess?

- Next trick you like to learn

That is Top Secret.

- Your last year’s top listened song on your music player, don’t lie.

C. Tangana - Tu me dejaste de querer

- Your last phone call was with...

Mama :)

- What are the first three things you’d do tomorrow?

Stretch, make coffee and go for an early morning session!

- If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you?

Ángel Muñoz García.

Photos by Lino Escurís

If you missed it, check out the latest Varo's video and enjoy!

A film by Rafael Black / Music by Pablo Espiga