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Sergio & Teresa - Vans "MASH" Transition

7 months ago

Here's an awesome new video from Vans that has a ton of amazing Sergio Layos and Teresa Fernandez footage packed into it! Trails and transitions. Amazing watch from start to finish! Enjoy!

"We've got a really sick two part mixtape series for you courtesy of the VANS squad! Since all their team projects had to be cancelled due to covid, their riders wanted to be active and do their part as soon as they were allowed to go out and be safe again. But with very limited travel options, they all kept it local in their region (or wherever was allowed) and asked their homies to press on that red button. Rich Forne then took the footage and created two heavy mixtape MASH videos. First up is MASH Transition; with Sergio Layos, Paul Thoelen, Greg Illingworth, Tom Van Den Bogaard and Teresa Fernandez." - DIG