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2 months ago

The new Manual Mini Lever is the first brake lever designed from scratch with junior BMX riders in mind, specific for 18" and 16" inch BMX setups. Yes, it is a scaled down Flybikes Manual brake lever!


Until now, all the small levers on the market used a conventional lever bracket with a smaller arm to not invest in molds. This means that the lever does not fit 100% to the smaller fingers of young riders, with less braking power reducing safety.


Among other things, the new Manual Mini Lever features precision CNC brass bushings instead of crappy plastic ones, inked clamp for easy removal, refined shape and no barrel design to make it as soft and safe as possible.


One of the goals we have here at Flybikes is to continue improving our junior bikes with specific aftermarket parts and size scaled from the normal ones that we ride.


Learn more about the Manual Mini Lever here