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Devon Smillie Is The King of the Jib

8 months ago

Over the weekend Devon Smillie was part of the "King of the Jib" contest out in California where he went up against a few of the best on a bank / curb cut spot with a rail and jersey barrier. The judges handed out cash for the best combos and lines. Above is the full live stream giving you a look at everything that went down. In the end, Devon ended up taking the win with the most cash and being crowned the King of the Jib! Congratulations, Devon!

"Dennis Enarson and Biz Jordan will be handing out cash for tricks. It is over when the money runs out. Whoever has the most cash at the end is King. Riders - Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Kevin Peraza, Colin Varanyak and Devon Smilie

Sorry for the lag during the livestream. We had network issues pop up last minute. Enjoy this re-uploaded HD stream. Working out the kinks for the next one. Stay tuned for more." - Brakeless TV