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Inside the Magneto Hubs - Full specs and available options

8 months ago

Here is a look at the final Magneto Hub, that is in full production now, with some details that you didn't know about it!

One of the most challenging details about this using the magnetic system was creating the special polymer sleeve for the magnets that not only protects them, but also makes it easy to identify the polar direction for installation and maintenance with a red coating.

With quality being our biggest focus for these hubs, we went with high precision Enduro bearings, included in both hubs (front and rear), that boost these hubs to another level for the smoothest ride!

The Magneto Hubs have 9 and 10-tooth driver options and come in three different axle versions for each style of rider:

- Aluminum Female Axle with Cone Bolts that is ideal for trails and ramp riders that don’t run pegs.

- Chromoly Female Axle with Hex Allen Bolts that is ideal for ramp and street riders that only grind on their non-drive side.

- Chromoly Male Axle and Nuts that is ideal for all styles of riding, especially street riders who run 4 pegs.

The Magneto Hubs are available for pre-order through Flybikes dealers worldwide and online! The second production of the hubs will be shipping worldwide starting next June!

Enjoy the ride!