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2019 Sneak Peek: Manual CNC Brakes

5 years ago Products Projects
There is no better time than our 20th anniversary to bring back our very popular CNC brake back to life, now packed some new improvements. The refined and updated brake has a throwback look like our classic CNC version but now with the Springhanger technology option, too. Yes, one brake that works with two different bridge cable systems; the Classic system and the Springhanger brake system. The arms are built to be stiffer and to accept up to 2.50” tires giving you plenty of clearance. The Classic version also comes with thicker brass bushings for longer life and features the AKO “Allen Key Only" spring plates and adjustable A-hanger. The Springhanger option comes with an upgraded spring with a flat shape on the straight part for a stiffer performance and an anti-wobble adjustment that eliminates brake-wobble. We are so hyped to have come out with the smoothest, most responsive and best performing Flybikes brake to date.
Available May 31st in Flat Black and Titanium Fog through Flybikes dealers worldwide and online!