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Sem Kok

Born on 12-08-1996 in Helmond The Netherlands.
Live in America The Netherlands and ride my own compound, Area51 or Eller skatepark in Germany.
My favorite places to ride are Woodyard trails, Ruben’s bowl and the Source Park.

"Bicycle motocross for me it’s all about riding with my friends doing motowhips trains on trails riding crazy street transitions and going fast on everything that i toch. It’s all about enjoying riding on two wheels and I have been doing it since I put my training wheels off."

Set up:
Frame: Flybikes Aire 21″
Forks: Flybikes Volcano 33 offset
Bars: Flybikes Sierra 8.5″
Stem: Flybikes Volcano FL
Grips: Flybikes Ruben
Front Wheel: Magneto Cr-Mo Female Flybikes Lunar
Rear Wheel: Magneto Cr-Mo Female 9T / Flybikes Lunar X-Lace
Tyres: Flybikes Ruben Ligera 2.4 Front / Ruben Rampera 2.35 Rear
Cranks: Flybikes Dolmen 22mm 175L
Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Aluminum
Sprocket: Flybikes Tactor TT 30T
Chain: Flybikes Tractor
BB: Flybikes Rotar