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Ryan Lloyd Bike Check

6 years ago

Sponsors: Little Black Bike, Primary Threads, Etnies, POC Helmets

Bike Setup: One of the best looking bikes I’ve had!

FRAME: Flybikes Montana 21"

BARS: Flybikes Montana 8.75 cut to 27 wide and added a little paintjob of my own..

FORKS: Flybikes Agua

HEADSET: Flybikes

GRIPS: Flybikes Ruben 

STEM: Flybikes Central

SEAT: Flybikes Roey

SEAT POST: Flybikes Tripod

CRANKS: Flybikes Dolmen

SPROCKET: Flybikes Pentagono 28t

PEDALS: Fly Ruben Metal

BRAKE: Not at the moment..

CHAIN: Fly Tractor

FRONT HUB: Flybikes

REAR HUB: Profile Racing 9t

REAR RIM: Flybikes Classic

FRONT RIM: Flybikes Classic

REAR TIRE: Fly Ruben Rampera 2.35

FRONT TIRE: Fly Ruben Rampera 2.15

PEGS: Only on the clothesline..

TUBES: LBB special..

TOOLS:  Allen keys, patch kit and a pump. Simple as!

You’re our newest addition to the family down in Australia through Triple Six Distribution. How did you get involved with their program?

My good friend and Froth-Father, Toby Forte got in touch and said that they were making a few changes to the Distro and asked me if I would be stoked to ride for Flybikes! So I’m looking forward to working with those guys and I’m really into what Flybikes is doing as a brand and how they look at riding!

It sounds like you’re healing up from an injury that has kept you off your bike for a little bit. What did you do and when can we expect you to be back to full-strength?

Yeah, I injured my left shoulder back in January. I was on a Primary Threads trip up in Brisbane and was watching the one and only Jason Watts nose wheelie all over the place, which got me stoked and I decided to give it a go and then realized I’m not very good at them, haha. I flipped the bars and went straight to my left shoulder. So, a trip to the hospital and a few scans later revealed I had separated the A/C joint and partially torn some ligaments. Thankfully no surgery so just had to let it rest for 2 months and I’m slowly back to feeling 100% again.. Nose front wheelies for a while though…

With the Australian summer winding down, what are your plans for the rest of 2015? Any trips, videos or projects you are working on?

I have a few plans involving the creek dirt spot that is near my hometown of Blyth, looking forward to making some fun setups out there again and filming a little something for Flybikes! It would be great to get a trip up north/east during winter to warm up and ride some good stuff so we’ll see!

What have you been getting into when you aren’t riding these days?

Spending time with my wife, Elisabeth, she keeps me laughing! We are having a little baby in September so I’m looking forward to being a Dad! Hanging out with friends and going on camping adventures when we can! I have also been working on something I am really passionate about called Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc. with my good friend Jamie Moore. Basically we are running programs and getting involved with local councils and schools to get kids stoked on BMX and living life to the fullest! Just having fun on bikes and learning along the way! So I am really looking forward to working on that more this year and getting more kids stoked on bikes! Check our Instagram @lighthouseyouthprojects to see what we get up to.

How can people keep up with you?

Well anyone is welcome to come down to Radelaide and ride! Drop into LBB and they will point you in the right direction! If your on the Instagrams you can check out some guy called @bryan_flloyd he’s a friend of mine..