Isla Line

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- Specs -

Shane Weston Signature

- Frame -
Top tube: 20.8"
Head tube: 75º
Seat tube: 70º"
Rear end: 13.40"
Standover: 8.5"
BB height: 11.75"
2.200 grs. / 4.85 lb
- Bar -
Rise: 9.25"
Width: 29"
Side sweep: 12º
Up sweep: 2º

- Isla Frame Features -

Full Seamless 4130 CrMo Tubing

Integrated internal gusset
Offset thickness technology to create a integrated internal gusset.
Avoids weakening the tubing produced by the over-heating on welded gussets.
Offset thickness headtube
Thick section on welding area to support top & down tubes welding.
Thin section on front and best strength-weight ratio.
Taped tubing
Multiple butted & taped tubes.
Better stress distribution.
Butted tubing
Increased thickness on stress areas
EBS - Easy Brake System
RGT - Removable Gyro Tab
RCT - Removable Chain Tensioner
HCS - Horizontal Cut System
T - Thickness
OD - Outside diameter
Sizes in mm.

- Isla Bar Features -

Heat-Treated 9 Butted Seamless 4130 CrMo tubing