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-The Company- FLYBIKES Since their beginnings in 1999 in Vigo, Spain, Flybikes, through a pure love of BMX have been committed to providing the newest technologies & latest innovations in the ever-changing face of BMX, refining what's considered normal & molding the future of your passion & the ultimate goal. The best ride possible!...

- Welcome to Flybikes -
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Tripod System Dos seat & Tripod post
After researching the seat angles used by most of the riders nowadays, we realized that only 2 positions were needed. So we designed and created a new stronger, lighter and more simpler seat system.
One Piece Crank Arm Dolmen Cranks
Using the invest casting we produced a new revolutionary arm construction with no weld on the pedal boss. This avoids breakage on the most critical point of any crank arm.
AKO (ALLEN KEY ONLY) Spring Plates Clasico Brake
A more simple way to adjust your brakes using only two Allen keys and finally being able to throw the 14mm. wrench away (the pedals use an Allen key too.}
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Having seen the future of BMX with riders using brakes, brakeless riders and riders combining both. We created the EBS system which allows you to remove your brakes and replace them with the most simple and effective way.
A hanger
A-Hanger Clasico Brake
Traditional brake hangers flex too much, so we created a new system using two straight cables to avoid the flex. It was refined in 2011 with the addition of a barrel tensioner for a better and easier alignment.
SPS (Simple Pad System) Manual Pads
Brake pads always used a bunch of spacers and washers; we could see that this could be simplified. We designed and created a system with just 2 washers that not only looks better but also offers a more accurate alignment.
Horizontal Seat Clamp Cut 2010 Frames
A logical cut for seat clamp to reduce stress and increase clamp power.
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Linear Tube Cobra Tube
A flat tire is always a pain to fix so we created the cobra tube. This design allows you to change and replace your punctured inner tube without having to take your wheel off.
Invest Casting Fork Droputs Agua Forks
Using the same concept we used on the frames, one year earlier, we introduced the same system to the Agua forks.
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Invest casting dropouts
Invest Casting Frame Droputs Tierra 2
We saw the need for an improvement in the BMX dropouts design. So we designed and introduced the invest cast dropouts into BMX with the release of Tierra 2 frame at Interbike in 2008.
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Removable Brake Mounts Luna Frame
After noticing more and more riders were riding brakeless we designed and produced the first specific BMX removable brake mounts.
Tierra short
Low Stack / Short CS Frames Tierra Frame
We designed and manufactured a new frame concept, which would give you a quicker and responsive frame, never done before in the BMX industry.
Invest casting bridges
Invest Casting Bridges Tierra Frame
A new concept with endless possibilities of designs.
Offset Thickness Headtube Frames
We designed a new headtube with more thickness on the welding area and less where it is not needed, on the front.
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2 5system
2.5 Crank System Cranks
We realized that a one-bolt design could press both arms on a set of cranks. So we created the most convenient and best-looking system in BMX.
Integrated Cone Race 3 Amigos Forks
When integrated headsets were introduced, we knew that was the only system to use. We could not see the point in using a separate cone race anymore, so we created the integrated cone, which was first manufactured on the 3 Amigos fork and still used to the present day on the agua forks.
Cross laced
Cross Laced Rims Rear Rim
First used on motorcycles rims, we decided to introduced them into our BMX rims to increase the lacing strength.
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Push-in barends Ruben Barends
Flybikes introduced to the BMX world the push-fit barends. An easy and affordable solution for BMX barends.
Big tires & Silkworm casing Ruben tires
At this time the biggest tire available was the 2.10 and we saw that the future for BMX tires was to make them bigger. So we manufactured a wider, bigger tire at the 2.25 size and along side this we introduced the Silkworm casing technology to all tires too.
Integrated Downtube Gusset 3 Amigos Frame
We started offering an offset thickness to reinforce the downtube / headtube junction on our frames and save the overheating produced by having a welded gusset.
3amigos tensioner
RCT. Removable Chain Tensioner 3 Amigos Frame
Designed for an easy chain tensioner solution, but without the need of a bulky dropout. It also gives the rider a choice to use it where most would need it, on the chain side of the frame.
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Press Fit Botom Bracket Spanish bb - Pantera Frame
First we realized that bearings would work fine without any type of cup between the frame and the bearings. Then we also saw the need for a mid size bearing between the larger American and the small Euro size. So we created the press fit bb and named it the Spanish bb. American companies later changed their designs to match with a mid press fit bb but using the larger bearings they used in their old American bb system.
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Removable Gyro Tabs Guiri Tabs
If you were using a Gyro before 2004 you had only two tap options; The first and most common was having the tabs welded on the frame and the second was a plate fitted between the headset and the frame. Both solutions were not very good, so we designed a system that would work better and look a lot nicer, introducing you to the RGT.
Angled Brake Arms Clasico Brake
Angled brake arms for better brake alignment.
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